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What is Domain Authority (DA) and Its Importance

Authority score is the compound score that grades the overall quality of a website and this score directly relates to the how high a website will rank in search engine results pages (SERPS) which reflects credibility.

How Is It Calculated?

Domain authority score is calculated by using a machine learning algorithm that measures quality, popularity, relevance and backlink signals. This determines the rankings of the websites. However, the authority score will fluctuate and will increase or decrease based on the total number of backlinks referring to the site as well as the authority of the backlink domains.

What Is A Good Authority Score?

The authority score ranks from 0-100 with the average domain authority being between 40-50, a poor authority score being below 30 and a very good authority score being above 60. Overall, it should be your aim to have a higher authority score than your competitors.

Why Is It Important?

Knowing your authority score is important as you can recognise how your website and SEO is performing. It is paramount in comparing yourselves to competitors and judging how you are performing relative to them. Finally, by knowing the authority score of certain websites you can determine which domains you want to buy or contact for SEO outreach. Thus, you can determine how beneficial working in partnership with a new website or company will be.

However, improving your domains authority score can be extremely challenging despite you doing various things such as backlink building or increasing page speed etc. This could be due to a variety of factors such as the competitiveness from other websites in the industry, or you are not doing the required SEO efforts in order to improve the authority score.

Check the authority score of your website from free tools such as:

It is important to remember, that analysing your authority score and improving it will be a complex task as it relies on dozens of variables that we understand.

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