Hailed as Asia’s most significant and established tattoo convention, Hong Kong Tattoo International Convention provides a platform for tattoo artist to learn and exchange ideas. It is also a good opportunity to display the potential of Hong Kong’s tattoo industry development to international tattoo masters. Every tattoo unit participating in the convention needs to be approved by the organizer Gabe Shum to ensure their sanitation and safety are up to international standard and the tools they use or sell are authentic.

4HK was involved at the heart of this convention, we established the their social media, liaised with celebrities and sponsors and most importantly driving traffic to this amazing 3 day annual event. Through Facebook & Instagram we provided live feeds of these  tattoo artist in action, music performances & interviews from LMF, Josie Ho (何超儀)& the Uni Boys, Jun Kung (恭碩良)to name a few. 4HK help raised Hong Kong’s tattoo awareness and standards to an international level, spreading tattoo art culture far and beyond.

A quick tour of the Tattoo Convention
Gabe Shum, Founder of Freedom Tattoo
Transcending Tattoo culture to the younger generation
Tattoo Artist from all over the World 
Winners of the Best Tattoo Design
Tebori - A Traditional Japanese Tattoo Method
Workshops: Inking a Banana 
Transcending Tattoo culture to the younger generation
Gabe Shum, Founder of Freedom Tattoo
Gabe Shum, Founder of Freedom Tattoo

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