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One Smart Star is a startup that provides your business with a 4-digit phone number that connects customers to your business, allowing them to easily get in touch with you and make purchases. 4HK took on the role of re-branding one smart star, helping them create a new brand logo, Unique selling proposition, website and marketing & social media strategies.


We took the brand and gave it a complete makeover. Developed a go-to market strategy helping generate more B2B leads. Clients that took on One Smart Star’s services included, UBER, GogoVan, CaliMex, Sau San Tong and business leads drove up substantially


on smart star, logo
one smart star, logo
new website, design, prodction
Re-brand the website, bilingual responsive with floating lead form
social media, facebook, maintenance
Social Media Maintenance - Content, mini campaigns, response to fans, boost post/page
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