WOAW store is a mini collection shop owned by Kevin Poon, a sister company of HYPEBEAST in Hong Kong. We were faced with a task of redesigning their website and helping with improving user experience for eCommerce. We integrated the shopping cart and layout of each of the sections including the blog page, homepage and test on various device to ensure we got the best user experience

Since the website was using a 3rd party system, our web developers and technical team worked around the clock to ensure we integrated the customization seamlessly into the website. At the end we manage to increase the website traffic and checkout conversions by 7% and 13% respectively.  A crossover between creative solutions and performance marketing.


eCommerce, woaw
Included a in site blog that allows for internal redirection which improved SEO and indexing
user experience, woaw, destkop
user experience, woaw, mobile
Add shopping cart icon and optimized the layout to better suit mobile users