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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your PPC Campaigns

Whether you're thinking of implementing PPC advertising strategies or you already are, you may be unsure of the efficacy of your PPC methods, how to go about managing your campaign and you may be wondering whether PPC is worth the effort. As a result, you may also be wondering whether it is worthwhile to outsource your PPC campaign to an agency.

Here are 4 major reasons why you need to be be outsourcing your PPC campaigns

1. Cost

Although PPC management itself isn't too difficult, to create an effective campaign with minimal errors and to optimise conversions, hiring an expert will definitely be beneficial. This is because in tools such as google ads, there are thousands of options and settings where the agency will know which features are most important. This will increase your chance of maximising profitability and minimising potential costly errors.

Furthermore, hiring an in-house PPC specialist employee or team will be more expensive than an agency. This is because you don't have to provide any training and you won't need to pay additional overhead expenses.

2. Time efficiency

You've heard of the phrase time is money, right? Well in this case it's no different. The amount of time you will spend trying to master PPC skills or the time you spend training your in-house employees will be much higher comparison to just hiring an agency who already have a qualified and experienced team of individuals. Furthermore, you wont have to spend money signing up for the paid tools as the agency will likely already have the required resources and technical knowledge.

3. Better performance

Frankly, hiring a PPC agency will have access to analytical tools and resources that you may not have which will optimise your PPC capabilities. There are advanced resources in almost all areas of PPC such as keyword research, bid management and analytics. Furthermore, they would be specialised in these areas and will be able to analyse the data more effectively, resulting in greater performance. However, you must choose an agency with relevant knowledge to your industry and an agency which understands what you want to achieve so make sure to consult them appropriately.

4. Bid Management

Bid management is arguably the most important feature in PPC as it is a large portion of your investment. Typically, this aspect also takes up a lot of time, however agencies have access to advanced softwares that speeds up and simplifies this process. Additionally, this aspect produces a lot of metrics and agencies have the experience to respond and adapt based on the results.


Outsourcing your PPC campaign will be very beneficial in a variety of ways, but the most important thing is choosing the right PPC agency. Nowadays there are so many agencies and advertisements on social media of companies highlighting their amazing services and skills. However, many of these companies will be inexperienced and will appear to be better than they are.

So make sure you have an in-depth consultation with your agency regarding how they will meet your goals and expectations before you go any further!

Contact our agency at and lets see if we can help you meet your needs.

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