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5 Tips For Picking Your SEO Agency

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Not all companies have their own marketing team or digital marketing specialist to handle their website, SEO or other marketing campaigns. Therefore, many of them would turn their attention to a digital marketing agency, or an SEO agency to be more specific. It is important to find an agency that can satisfy your needs and more importantly, true-hearted in helping your business to grow.

Here, let's take a look at the 5 tips below before choosing your SEO agency:

1. Take A Look At Their Website

When you do your research on choosing an agency, remember to check the quality of their website. Look out for their loading speed, the structure of the web pages (content and photo placements) and content accuracy. Make sure they are not cluttered and not spammy, and check if they have any typos and grammatical mistakes (these are fundamental if they are professional). Also, check if their website is clear and easy to navigate--user friendly is very important as well. Their website is like a sample of what could be yours, so make sure to look for an appealing one that gives you the confidence in letting them handle your website.

2. Check If They Shared Their Working Experience

In general, the examples showcased in the case studies section should illustrate a better picture for you of the performance and capability of the agency you are looking at. See whether the style of their work fits your company's image and whether they could deliver good SEO performance with their work. Usually, these case studies can give a better idea of how the agency tackles their clients' problems and whether it is the outcome you hope for as if it is in your scenario.

3. Look For Social Proofs

Reviews are important for basically everything and it does the same here. Read about the reviews the agency received on Google and in different forums, both good and bad, as it helps you to learn more about the agency from a different perspective. Also, check out if they have any testimonials from their customers, and see if they make sense and appeals to you. On the other hand, you could also check if that agency received any awards or recognition in the past, which somehow determines their reputation and performance as well.

4. Talk To Them

As you trim down your choice to 2-3 agencies, give them a call and enquire more about their service. Pay attention to the way they speak, do they sound nice and polite? Or rush and rude? The way they speak to you--customers is important as it reflects the way they treat their customers, their working attitude and even their company culture. Also, do ask them some questions and see if their responses sound confident and professional, this is to make sure they have the actual expertise you need and they are not bluffing on their website.

5. Check If They Provide Other Services

Your current goal might only be looking for an agency that simply handles and improves your website's SEO performance. But, SEO (or digital marketing as a whole) is a long-term, continuous work that requires an agency's dedication and commitment. On top of SEO, there are many more digital marketing elements that you should also pay attention to, as it could also impact your website in many ways. If the agency solely performs SEO-related tasks, then you might need to look for another agency when you want to achieve other digital marketing aspects. However, if the agency also excels in other perspectives such as SEM, social media marketing and e-commerce, then they would also be capable of solving your other marketing needs.

Need help for picking a SEO agency? Tell us your needs at and perhaps we can help you!

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