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5 Simple SEO Factors To Improve Website Ranking Now

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

As most of you would know that Google has over 200 factors for ranking websites in their algorithm, some factors are more technical and some are simpler. In today's article, we will briefly introduce 5 factors that you could easily implement to your website and improve your website right away.

1. Frequent Page Update & Avoid Broken Links

As the Google bots crawl through your website, one of the item that they will check on is the freshness of the website. They will see how often do the pages and information are being updated by the administrators, the more frequent the better. Also, they will check if the links in the website are still valid. Links in the website does not only suggest the authority of the sources you have for backlinks, but it is also perceived as a criteria to decide whether the website is managed and updated on a daily basis. Having too many broken links would mean that the site is abandoned or not taken good care of, for which it will be assessed in determining the quality of the website as well.

2. Mobile-Friendly

In the past decade, more and more people browse the web with their mobile phone instead of using a computer. Since then, Google rate highly on the mobile accessibility of a website and can be told by the introduction of Mobilegeddon, a Google search engine algorithm update in 2015. With this update, Google makes sure that a proper website shall be mobile-friendly and it has become a vital consideration when it comes to website ranking.

3. Page Category

Organising different pages into clear categories is very important in terms of both user experience and relevancy. By giving a specific names and placing relevant pages and contents under the same categories can increase the level of relevancy. When a user browse through your website, the categories you put can facilitate the navigation process and thus creating a smoother experience for the users.

4. References & Sources

If you decided to include blog page or placing other kinds of articles or content, you would definitely come across with citing knowledges from another websites or published articles. By having a proper citation and providing the links that could redirect into those sources, it could create backlinks and improve your website's authority score. By having a higher authority score, your website ranking would also increase.

5. Positive Link Velocity

Link velocity refers to the speed of how quickly a site gains or loses links in or to their website. With such being said, the faster you gain more links to your website, the better the link velocity. In another word, having a positive link velocity also means that your website's backlink profile is stably growing. As you establishes a good backlink profile, it infers that your website is on a positive track and potentially increasing your website's authority score.


We only covered 5 of the simpler ones and there are still hundreds of SEO factors that could significantly influence your website ranking. If you want to learn more about the other factors or you want to dig deeper and implement other measures to improve your website, look for a professional digital marketing agency that could learn your needs and provide the most suitable SEO strategies for your website.

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