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4 Tactics to Avoid SEO Keyword Cannibalisation

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Striking a balance between fitting enough keywords and not overdoing it in a website could be quite challenging. Sometimes, a website might be too careless when mentioning a keyword for multiple times and end up being spamming the site. On the other hand, some websites' subpages could even end up competing against one another for the same keyword input. If these issues are left unsolved, things might escalate and could lead to keyword cannibalisation.

4 Tactics to Avoid Keyword Cannibalisation

With the aforementioned risks of being treated as keyword stuffing and spamming, here are some tactics for you to resolve this issue and avoid falling into the trap of keyword cannibalisation.

1. Analyse Your Page

In combatting the issue of competing pages under the same keyword result, try to analyse your pages by checking their current rank, click-through rate and more by different tools like the Google Search Console (this is for free!!!) or other applications. These tools can help you diagnose the problem and optimise your page.

2. Merge Similar Sections

Sometimes, keyword stuffing could occur when you have similar content on different pages of your website. To resolve this, you could simply merge the sections that are similar or add internal links between pages. By doing this, it will be clearer for viewers or web crawlers to identify your target page.

3. Keyword Density

Pay attention to the keyword density on your page. It is a common mistake to repeat the same keyword multiple times due to the practice of stressing the importance of a particular subject in a website. In this case, you should try to lower the keyword density to around 2%. You can calculate the keyword density by this formula:

(Keyword density = Total number of words/Number of keyword appearances).

4. Switching Keywords

Besides altering your page content, you could consider switching the keywords for that page. Optimise the page by relating the content to other relatable keywords can help avoid cannibalisation while increasing the relevancy of your webpage to the query as well.

To Sum Up

Keyword cannibalisation could harm a website's conversion rate and further lead to decrease in overall ranking if the Google bots identify your site as keyword stuffing or spamming. It is important to monitor the use and the performance of the keyword and its relevancy with the rest of the content of your webpage. This problem might be tricky, but the tactics above should come in handy when you fix your website.

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