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Top Marketing Reporting Tools To Use In 2021

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

In the world of digital marketing, preparing sets of detailed performance reports for their clients is a daily routine for mostly all digital marketers. Besides using some ordinary presentation and reporting tools like Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, digital marketers often use other forms of reporting tools that could present dashboards and other visuals more easily as well.

Today, we will talk about some of the most efficient reporting tools that digital marketers should not miss out on and should start using if they haven't!

1. Google Data Studio

In monitoring different accounts' daily performance and spending patterns, many tools by Google would often be used, which includes Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Campaign Manager 360. Normally, digital marketers would have to export the data from these tools and combine them into other presentation tools like Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint in preparing a report for their clients. Yet, capturing data from all those platforms one by one is very time-consuming and tedious as well. To facilitate the process of preparing this information, the Google Data Studio helps you to combine all data into one visualised dashboard with its integration among all other marketing tools powered by Google. All the metrics, dimensions and graphics are customisable, allowing marketers to prepare the most essential information to present to their clients easily and flexibly. Another point to mention is that Google Data Studio is free of charge, so users can make good use of this free tool to prepare their reports and analysis more efficiently without paying any money.

2. The Root

The Root is another platform that helps you create a series of reports and dashboards that facilitate the process of preparing the presentation for your clients. The goals of their service are to maintain data transparency between clients and marketers while ensuring data accuracy and time-saving for all stakeholders. Similar to Google Data Studio, all kinds of dashboards and other visuals are customisable. As for integration, The Root can integrate data and reports from platforms and tools other than those provided by Google as well, which include the likes of Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz and Facebook Business Manager. To fully utilise all functions and enjoy the maximum amount of features and support, The Root provides three different pricing plans for businesses to choose from.

3. Tableau

Tableau is another popular reporting platform in the industry and is known for its quality visuals and wide integration with a variety of data and marketing tools and platforms. Tableau has a large library of dashboard designs for users to pick from, while all of them are supported with integration with numerous marketing and analysing tools, including most Google tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics, and also some database tools from Oracle, Amazon and Alibaba as well. In terms of pricing plan, Tableau separated each plan according to the identity of users, which included Tableau Creator, Tableau Explorer and Tableau Viewer. In each plan, users can access different functions according to the roles and plan that they subscribed to.

To Conclude...

Besides these three reporting tools, there are many more that you can choose from, such as Power BI and Holistics. An important consideration is that you must study all the functions and pricing plans of each tool before subscribing to any of them. More importantly, you should discuss with your marketing teams and data analysts in identifying the specific needs of your company and only to choose the appropriate ones that could satisfy your requirements and budgets as well.

If you want to learn more about each tool, stay tuned to our upcoming blog posts and don't forget to contact us at if you need any help with your digital marketing campaigns or marketing reports!

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