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6 Modern Problems With Your Website

Your website is the first point of contact for potential new customers and is the first impression you give for new users. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your website is designed and organised in an effective manner as it needs to demonstrate trust and professionalism.

Here we will go through 6 typical problems with websites that results in a poor user experience.

1. Page Loading Speed

We all know how annoying a website with a slow loading speed is right? Not only does it reduce the user experience as it gives a bad impression but it also affects SEO as google will prioritise placing links higher up the rankings if they have a faster loading speed. Furthermore, there is a direct correlation between the loading speed of a website and user bounce rate.

If you are facing this problem, make sure to fix it as soon as possible.

2. Too Much Content & Detail

The importance of simplicity in a website cannot be ignored. Keep your explanations short and sweet and don't be afraid of 'white space'. According to Crazy Egg, white space near texts and titles increases user attention by 20%.

Finally, although it is paramount to have enough 'white space' for visual reasons, it is key that you don't have too much white space and you need to find the right balance.

3. Unresponsive Website For Mobile Devices

A 2020 study from Google analytics confirmed that 68.1% of all global website visits came from mobile phones, compared to 31.9% from desktop devices. Surprising right?

So if more users are coming from mobile devices, how can your site still not be optimised for mobiles?

Therefore, it's a necessity that you adapt your website to provide a quality user experience on mobile devices as well as desktop devices.

4. Broken Links

A broken link is when a link on your website cannot be accessed by the user as the link doesn't work, or the URL is wrong and when clicked, will return a 404 error.

Broken links may not only be harmful to users who may get frustrated, but potentially more importantly, your SEO score on google rankings making will decrease, making your website appear lower compared to competitors.

5. A lack of CTA's (Call-to-actions)

CTA's are what result in conversions and in order to optimise the number of conversions you get, the user journey throughout your website needs to be simple but effective. You should be guiding them through your website in a methodical, organised manner.

You need to include as many CTA's like buttons which say 'download' 'quote' 'contact' which will guide your visitors and will clearly give them exactly what they want.

6. There Are No Social Proofs

You need to make your website as credible as possible as it needs to create a sense of trust from your users. If you have testimonials or reviews from previous clients, studies show that chances of users buying your product / service increases by 58%. Furthermore, when asking for feedback from clients your proactively showing that you care about your product/service and you want to know how to improve.

However, you do need to think of what format to include your social proofs, it could be videos, texts, social media videos from clients etc.


If your website is outdated, make sure to update it now. You can begin with these basic improvements, however if you would like some expert advice, don't hesitate to contact 4HK at

Their expert team will guide you through the process and will optimise your website for your users.

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